Comment ne pas être gouverné comme cela, par cela, au nom de ces principes-ci, en vue de tels objectifs et par le moyen de tels procédés, pas comme ça, pas pour ça, pas par eux. Michel Foucault

5 videos for the social media channels of the Kunsthaus Graz
︎︎︎ Kunsthaus Graz

© Anderwald + Grond

The Art of Being Governed, a site-specific conceptual artwork developed for Kunsthaus Graz and its social media communication channels is a pioneering art project in public digital space. Paraphrasing Michel Foucault's speech What is Critique?, Anderwald + Grond design five videos that pose the question of how we do not want to be governed. Based on Alexander Kluges' minute films, they employ the principle of montage, whereas the question of how we do not want to be governed is juxtaposed with video images from the public digital space (e.g. YouTube) and reflected beyond the boundaries of their conventional levels of meaning.

The Art of Being Governed is an innovative experiment in cooperation with Kunsthaus Graz to reflect the platforms of Facebook and Instagram as art-producing media and to reclaim the public digital space – which is currently dedicated to commercial/political interests – for artistic expression.