Artistic research project funded by the Austrian Science Funds (FWF PEEK AR 598) hosted at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.


Podcast: On Certain Groundlessness
Idea:Ruth Anderwald, Leonhard Grond and Sergio Edelsztein
Trailer: November 2021
‍First episodes: Spring 2022
Production: OH WOW Podcast
Assistence: Laura Brechmann

© Anderwald + Grond

After Dizziness—A Resource, the current artistic research project Navigating Dizziness Together aims to widen dizziness’ reach and deepen its conceptual precision. After Plato, dizziness creates the constitution of all philosophical thought by destabilising the basis of knowledge to a state of uncertainty. In today’s societies, we can localise many sources of disruption, disorientation, and disaster. As for now, we are only starting to see glimpses of a culture where the power of emotions and individual profit overshadow solidarity, facts, and reason. We have to learn and exercise both the action and togetherness in states of dizziness. So, how are we to win back commonality and togetherness in the face of spreading dizziness, disruption, and disorientation?