Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond
Vienna, Austria


Dizziness—A Resource

              Dizziness can clear, cause a great stir, move heaven and earth – it destabilizes. In contrast to the English word 'dizziness', the German word 'Taumel' refers to a broader semantic field, pointing to disorienting complexity and divergence as well as enjoyable or frightening disorientation, and can be used within positive, negative, or ambiguous connotations. The project Dizziness – A Resource proposes to regard dizziness as providing momentum and resources. The artistic research explores the role of dizzness in art and artistic practice, in philosophy and the cultural and natural sciences. Investigating the visceral experience of dizziness as well as its reflection the cross-disciplinary artistic research addresses dizziness in its physical, mental and metaphorical sense.

              With philosopher Karoline Feyertag we  edited the reader Dizziness–A Resource published in November 2019 with Sternberg Press.


© Bartosz Górka, U-jazdowski Castle, Centre for Contemporary Art
© Universalmuseum Joanneum/N. Lackner
© Mathias Bendek, Institute of Psychology, University of Graz
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